Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Part 8 - The Garden

...As Lucinda walked down the pathway it spiraled downwards like a siphon or going down a water slide.

When she reached the edge she felt the ground go beneath her and went head first down the slide. She tried to find anything to hold onto, but there was nothing.

As Lucinda slithered down the slide the water changed. It felt cold and she saw her breath come out of her mouth. Her face tensed as she fell. What would...why...how...?

Thoughts traversed through her mind. Confused and afraid.

The fall felt like forever. Her life flashed before her eyes as she thought about Jaygon and all the time they lost. "Jaygon!" She prayed that he would hear her. If there was any hope...that he would?

Splat! Lucinda found herself covered with mud. If this had been a spa treatment she wouldn't mind. Her face was drenched in volcano ash, and she looked like she was getting a facial.

A wall of water hovered over her head. Like being in a fish tunnel. The end of the tunnel glowed and exuded heat and warmth. As she immersed herself in the sea wall the mud washed off. She was elated feeling the warm water over her face.

Suddenly, a bright light emerged at the end of the tunnel. Lucinda had to find out what was there. The tunnel spun around like a hypnotic tunnel that you'd visit at a museum. The bright and fluorescent colors ignited against the ocean. Her feet propelled against the ground eager to see more.

She was always an adventurous girl. Quiet, but courageous. She used to get into trouble frequently and misbehaved a lot. Her curiosity would get a hold of her. Once an idea hit her Lucinda didn't stop.

The light pulled her like a tractor beam, and she was on a ride like none before. The rocket power shot her across like a star. The propulsion waves mushed her face in like a pug. In a split moment she was there.

Imagine a garden in the bottom of the ocean. Flowers blooming everywhere, and they were every color that you could dream. The petals felt like velvet, and they were as enormous as trees. The fish swam through them like seaweed, and as the merfish swam near them the petals morphed into seats.

A table arose from the ground and she saw fish-like creatures moving it into grooves on the floor. The etching looked like tiny triangles that marked every corner. When the furniture clicked into place treats popped up from nowhere and landed on the shiny surface.

"Nothing special about it, but how, where did the food come from?" Lucinda wondered.

A tall shiny figure appeared from behind the water curtain. His clothes shimmered when he moved, and the merfish seemed to listen to him. When he sat down on the flowery seat more petaled chairs appeared around the table, and the merfish sat down.

Lucinda didn't know what to think. The tension grew and she knew something was about to happen. Suddenly, she heard the creature speak, "Now, let's begin!"...

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Part 7 - Here Comes a Visitor

..."Which path do you seek? The easy one or the way that will challenge all you believe?"

The voice appeared from nowhere. What was strange is Lucinda and Jaygon heard it simultaneously. What was this bellowing that was in their ears?

"The choice is up to you. Choose!"

Both of them were puzzled by this. Lucinda asked the Lumites, "Do you know who that was?"
Bright smiles showed up on their faces and their giggling became louder. Like when you know what's wrapped in a box and you don't want to tell what's inside.

Jaygon saw a figure through the frozen wall. It smiled at him and morphed through the ice. A sea foam colored creature with a staff of seaweed in its hand.

"My name is Algaeus. I've been sent to help you find Lucinda. She is the key to everything."

Jaygon pleaded, "Please, tell me how!"

"She doesn't know who she really is. It's up to you to show her."


"Because you are part of the key too."

"Key?" Jaygon was confused. "To what?"

"To our world of hope that has become despair. Did you wonder why you were brought back Jaygon? Why Leviathian couldn't destroy you completely? Why you fell in love with Lucinda? It is all part of the plan."

"So...my whole life has been a 'plan'?" Jaygon snorted.

"Yes, my boy. And now it's time to know why and how."

If the aquatic creature didn't seem so friendly Jaygon would've left him in the dust. But a peace overcame him. In this dark, dank place with lava, ice, and death there was 'peace'?

When Algaeus wrapped his arms around him a surge of electricity shot through his bones energizing him and restoring his faith. "Everything's going to work out. I know it now."

Suddenly, a table emerged from water. When Algaeus pointed his staff, the ground grew legs and a base. The seawater that spun around glowed and a chalice and a platter with roast beef, mashed potatoes, and apples with cheese materialized.

"Go on, it's safe to eat," the sea being quoted.

The taste in Jaygon's mouth was tantalizing. Imagine an apple so fresh and sweet that your insides' rejoiced. Every bite of food rejuvenated his spirit. It was as if the gods aligned and everything was perfect.

How strange, considering where he was. Hot lava and ice paired together. And sitting with a fish man at a dining table with treats hovering over it. Not a typical day indeed!

What else awaited them as they embarked on their journey?...

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Part 6 - Lucid

...As Jaygon followed the shell, the walls became thinner and he could see through them. One side of the tunnel was ice cold. You could see ice on the walls. It looked like a windshield when it's winter. When he walked over to the opaqueless wall he felt his nose and feet freeze.

The other side of the crawl space was hot as a furnace. The heat from this side steamed up the path. The seashell glowed through the steam and slowed near the ice. The side of the passage with steam was bright orange fluorescence. Lava oozed from the cracks, but wouldn't move past them.

Something kept the volcanic rock from creeping in. The frost couldn't go past a certain point and neither could the lava.

"How odd." Jaygon pondered.

It was like the channel was alive and made its own choices. What was the tunnel? Was it a monster that's hidden? Would Jaygon and Lucinda find out they've been eaten by...something?

What neither of them knew was that they were traveling deeper in the ocean. They didn't know this, but the depth was below 800 feet now.

Leviathian wasn't just one creature - it's several. Each monster is attached to another one, like an atom diagram.

What they didn't know is the creature had been consuming areas for thousands of years. Since the world was created there was a plan to destroy it. A scheme devised by Sliver.

A heinous fiend who hated good and wanted to destroy everything. It started from the inside out and began with the core and went backwards. Sliver reattached itself near new areas of the world. It wasn't motivated by power, greed, or jealousy. It only wanted to destroy everything!

The pit wasn't a monster, but it was alive and had several facets of itself, like cuts in a diamond or multi-faceted dice. It liked to be mischievous and play around.

The pathway had a name - Lucid. At one time it was a sprite until he was punished. He was supposed to guide people, but instead was selfish and didn't care about humanity. Lucid lost his ability to see clearly and wanted people to go on a wild goose chase after their dreams. You'd think he's a villain, but he isn't. Just a misguided magical creature who could be a sprite again when Lucid learns his lesson.

Everything is not what it seems here. What else would Lucinda and Jaygon face next?...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Part 5 - Lumites

...Lucinda reached out for a crevice to hang onto. The floor was slippery from the blood and water that was pouring in the cave. There was no turning back now. Just the hunt for this creature that plagued this place for centuries. Why was this thing so strong? Where did it come from? These answers would have to wait for another day.

Even though Lucinda didn't realize it, she was in the depths of the ocean. If the tunnel had windows she'd watch fish swim past her.

The light slowly went out and the sun was no longer visible. Lucinda tried to fight her fear, but her mind was playing games. Would she see Jaygon again? Would she ever remember what it felt like to feel joy again? The hope in her heart began to drain out of her like a leaky bucket.

"This is hopeless!" she thought. "What am I doing? Why was I so stubborn with Jaygon? How I wish he was here."

Suddenly, light shimmered in the water. These faces illuminated light and swam back and forth in the cave. When they swam a long train of tails breezed through the sea.

When Lucinda looked down at one of them it smiled at her. They were Lumites. Fairy-like creatures that helped seafarers when they couldn't find their way. It had been a legend that she heard growing up, but no one had seen one before - until now.

The blueish light that shone from their iridescence brightened the tunnel. Also, the luminous glow warmed Lucinda's feet. She slowly felt herself feeling rejuvenated again.

As she recovered the Lumites danced around and leaped out of the water spinning and performing all types of tricks. "Thanks for your help Lumites."

They smiled and spelled out with their tails, "Always."

Lucinda enjoyed the company and asked them to stay with her. The shimmering beings were so happy that they began to glow purple and blue.

It was a beautiful sight watching these creatures dancing in the air, flying around, and spraying water. You'd easily forget that you're in a dark and scary place trying to destroy a monster. Not at all what this was - peaceful and recharging.

The path was as bright as a runway. "Okay fellas. Let's go!" Now she was ready...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Part 4 - The Walkway

...Lucinda took what courage she had left and searched out the fiend. Her mind raced with thoughts about her love.


Lucinda didn't realize that she was walking deeper in the sea. The tunnel hid above ground. It was a secret lair that hadn't been discovered until now.

The cold dampness of the crevice started to affect her. Her teeth chattered as she searched for clues. The blue stains were getting bigger and smelled like vomit. The putrid walk was becoming more difficult to bear.

Meanwhile, Jaygon raced through trying to find his beloved. "I'm not going to let you get her Sliver. I know who you are!"

By the time that Jaygon reached the tunnel it split into three ways. The right way, wrong way, and the one that would get you killed way.

"Lucinda!" He tried to hear her voice but there was nothing. He missed the sweet sound of her voice.  It gave him such joy and peace, and he loved her so much.

Suddenly he was taken aback remembering when Leviathian got him.

It seemed like a typical day. He walked on the beach and swam in the ocean. Sharks appeared, but ran like a dart as the thing neared. The fresh smell of the water turned sour. The tone was so dark that the heaviness overwhelmed Jaygon. A volatile substance disoriented him. The confusion masked its tentacles encircling him. He barely realized that its mouth was about to consume him, and he watched his energy drain as the arms of this thing squeezed out Jaygon's life force.

The memory shook up Jaygon. He realized that the same thing would happen to Lucinda if he didn't stop it.

Which direction would he take? Suddenly, a seashell metamorphosed from the dank ground. As a leap of faith he threw the shell. It stopped in the air like a wire held it. It spun around and flew in the left side of the path. The walkway glowed as the crustaceous figure flew down the tunnel.

"I'm coming Lucinda! Hang on!"

Jaygon thinks it will be simple. He's wrong!...

Friday, November 2, 2018

Part 3 - Reunited


"Yes Lucinda, it's me."

"But - what - how? I thought you were gone."

"I was, and then I was brought back to help you."

Lucinda cried as they embraced. It had been such a long time since she saw her love. Leviathian had taken him a long time ago when they were younger.

It was a happier time. There were rumors of darkness, but not like today. When Jaygon and Lucinda first met they didn't like each other. He thought she was a snob and she'd get annoyed at his antics. Always teasing and making fun of her.

For a moment they forgot where they were. Inside a cave with blue blood everywhere. Not the best place to say hello and get reunited again.

"We need to get out of here before it comes back."

"No Jaygon! I've waited too long for this."

"Lucinda, that light that you saw was from me. I used it to keep Leviathian from killing you. I couldn't bear that." Tears formed in his eyes, "I love you and I'm NOT losing you again."

"But - Jaygon - I - must -"

"Lucinda, No!"

As she slinked back further in the rocks and heard Jaygon's screams she thought, "I have to do this. I - need - to..."

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Part 2 - The Struggle

...Lucinda's teeth clenched with fear as the creature approached. Suddenly a bright light as blazing as the sun shot through the cave.

As Leviathan lunged towards her it squealed. The golden light burnt the creature.

"Hurry!" Lucinda thought she was hearing voices, but then she heard hollering again. "Come on, now's your chance to get out!"

But she didn't want to leave. This creature had plagued her for too long and taken too much away. It was time to finish it.

Determined to strike again she drew her sword and sliced the charred skin. Success! It oozed blue on the floor and walls and writhed in pain. Lucinda finally made it bleed. This was the moment to end this.

The scary thing hid deeper in the cave in the depths until it almost reached the sea. She chased it and couldn't find it anymore. It was gone. "Nooooooo!" Rage filled her veins. "Was so close!"

As Lucinda sulked in her defeat she felt something touch her. Gripped with fear she grabbed her weapon and caught her breath.

Just as she turned around her eyes melted. "No, it can't be!" But it was!...